EEBUS Hackathon 2024

EEBUS invites for its first Hackathon on 24th – 25th June in the Living Lab Cologne

Scope: Technical exchange between stack implementers and interoperability testing of different EEBUS implementations

Target group: Stack developers


Day 1

– Welcome and round of introductions

– Lunch

– Basic connection testing (SHIP)

– Feedback round on SHIP

                – Discussion on “SHIP Requirements for Installation Process”

– Basic protocol testing (SPINE) – detailed discovery, binding, subscription, etc.

                – Feedback round on SPINE

Day 2

– Use Case testing (focus: LPC)

                – Feedback round on Use Cases

                – Implementation Guide(s)

– Open discussion of implementation relevant issues

– Planning of further events

                – In which scope should the topics be discussed further

If you have developed a stack based on the EEBUS specifications and want to exchange experiences, discuss issues and check interoperability with other implementations, please send your registration mail to