Europe’s best cross-industry network gives companies a boost

EEBUS is much more than just a technical standard. It gives companies the opportunity to find the right partners for promising joint applications in a largely unstructured market, regardless of sectorial boundaries. This networking essentially serves to conceive the market needs and make it become part of the standardisation process.

Firm initial steps into the IoT

Most experts clearly agree that the future for many manufacturers of electrical devices lies in the Internet of Things. It allows them to safeguard their core business and create new potential by providing additional services. Far less clear, however, is the course the IoT will take and which technologies and platforms are likely to predominate.
The structures are not only complex, they are evolving at great speed. With the diverse knowledge and expertise of its members, EEBUS enables companies to reduce the complexity of the IoT when getting to know this topic and selectively find and address the right partners for project collaboration.

From the vision to the concrete
application scenario

Focusing on common market requirements

EEBUS makes no preconditions regarding possible functions and applications. The starting point for the standardisation process is usually the market requirements of the companies involved, which they commonly define.
In a spirit of partnership they develop application scenarios and business models and decide which information needs to be shared to achieve their aims. This Information is then subsequently standardized. The cross-industry network plays a key role in this process. Through the exchange, a common overarching understanding and the future development are promoted.


At EEBUS, business development and technological advancement are closely connected.


Within the working groups, members standardise what the market needs.


EEBUS is aiming at universal usability for every platform, both now and in the future.