Scenarios create new standards

A distinctive characteristic of EEBUS is the close link between business development and technological advancement. In recent years, EEBUS has gathered experience in transforming application scenarios to become production-ready specifications and data models like no other organisation of its kind.

The combination
of market and technology

Using proven methodology
to achieve market maturity

  • Well-structured, transparent processes with clearly defined steps: From market needs over use cases to the standard.
  • Common plugfests to verify the function of new use scenarios
  • Constructive cooperation with standardisation commissions such as DKE/VDE, CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC
  • Global convergence through interaction with international platforms such as Energy@home, OCF and Thread
  • Continual observation and assessment of the changes in IoT – particularly the alliances and standards

Actively working in key committees

In order to make the IoT a real market with a future, it needs clearly defined common standards. EEBUS brings the experience and results of jointly developed standards to the important standardisation committees and plays a key role in helping develop the standards of tomorrow. Examples of our activities include:

  • CLC TC205
  • CLC TC59x
  • x / 1711.x / 901.x /802.x
  • DKE/AK 353.0.101
  • DKE K716
  • ETSI oneM2M
  • IEC TC57
  • IEC TC59
  • IEC62746-2
  • prEN50491-12


Through EEBUS companies can find a common understanding of the market needs.


Within the working groups, members standardise what the market needs.


EEBUS is aiming at universal usability for every platform, both now and in the future.