The working groups are the beating heart of EEBUS

The common language of EEBUS is created in the working groups, where experts from the various member companies develop their respective data models and specifications from appropriate application scenarios.

Consistently geared towards application

The working groups are the driving force behind the technical evolution of EEBUS. The members of the various groups work together to define which application scenarios are suitable enough from a market point of view to be worth considering within EEBUS. On this basis, the members jointly develop data models for their interfaces to the outside world, therefore ensuring that the member companies only standardise what is needed.

In the working groups,
the members decide
what will be standardised.

A forum with a broad range of possibilities

The members of the working groups actively work in the standardisation committees relevant for their sectors, develop proposals for specifications and draft standards and present them to the committees. The working groups are also involved in the research projects that are important for EEBUS and their particular field of application.

The Board deploys and continually supports the working groups for an indefinite period.
The following working groups are currently active:

  • Photovoltaics and storage
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • White goods
  • E-mobility/Connected Car
  • Commercial
  • Interface to Smart Metering/regulated energy market (in preparation)


At EEBUS, business development and technological advancement are closely connected.


Through EEBUS companies can find a common understanding of the market needs.


EEBUS is aiming at universal usability for every platform, both now and in the future.