At EEBUS, democracy is part of the organisation

As a registered non-profit organisation, EEBus Initiative e.V. is committed to furthering the interests of all its members and pursuing the objectives of its statutes. Its democratic structure and non-profit-oriented strategy are the clearest signs that EEBUS acts independently of any particular interests.

The members decide
about the future

The Board and the Advisory Board are elected by the members of EEBUS. The Advisory Board assists and advises the Board in its daily work.
In the working groups and task forces, the member companies work with the support of the management team and the main office to further develop and implement the standards.
The working groups and task forces are appointed by the Board in accordance with the stipulations of the General Meeting.


1st Chairman
2nd Chairman
Up to 6 further Board members

  • Board members are each elected for a period of two years, the 1st and 2nd chairpersons for four years
  • Members represent and connect the association with the worlds of politics, commerce and the relevant committees
  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation
  • Strategic leadership of the association
  • Convening of the General Meeting
  • Appointing of working groups
  • Preparation of the annual report, budget plan and statement of accounts
  • Selection of new members
  • Implementation of resolutions passed at the General Meeting
  • Preparation of work instructions (including budget allowances) for the working groups and task forces with due consideration of the proposals made at the General Meeting and the monitoring of the results


  • Operational and administrative management of the association’s business and the assumption of market-relevant tasks

General Meeting

  • Election and dismissal of Board and cash auditor
  • Resolution on the contributions and amendments to the statutes
  • Recommendation of association goals to the Board

Advisory Board

  • Representatives from the world of science, associations and international organisations
  • Advises the Board in important association matters
  • Advises the Board on how to accomplish the aims of the association

Working Groups

  • Group of experts appointed by the Board to actively work on standardisation projects

Task Forces

  • Deployed by the Board to handle special topics concerning public relations and political representation

Bylaws are available here: DOWNLOAD BYLAWS


If you want to actively help shape the Internet of Things, now is the time for action.


EEBUS is managed by representatives of well-known companies.


What began as a government-funded project has grown to become an established standard for Europe.