EEBUS Initiative together with its partners and members has successfully kicked-off the Living Lab Cologne to test the EEBUS full end-to-end communication from grid to device level: on three intense days (20th-22nd June) we inaugurated our new Living Lab Cologne by the Capacity Management Plugfest, where we have successfully tested the EEBUS use cases for our capacity management solution, consisting of power limitations and monitoring at grid connection level.

During our real-life testing (realistic environment), the power control setpoint, initiated by the Distribution System Operator (DSO), was sent to the aEMP backend and further, via the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) and a control unit, to the controllable devices. The DSO signals could either be sent to an Energy Management System (EMS) which is managing its connected devices accordingly or directly to a single controllable device, such as an EVSE or HVAC device, if no EMS was connected. The test setup was performed with various devices and systems from multiple manufacturers. The goal of the Living Lab is to test interoperability of EEBUS devices and systems and to enlarge the EEBUS eco-system by allowing participation, regardless of membership. This will create a positive impact on the overall market development for EEBUS products and services.

Beside the testing, we hosted three speakers throughout the event starting with a keynote from Ingo Stolley (Senior Business Development Manager, BTC AG) on “Demand Side Response via SMGW”, followed by Sebastian Hambücken (Manager Test Lab, EEBUS Initiative) who hold a speech regarding the EEBUS “Test Specifications” and finally Thomas Fischedick (Project Manager, KEO GmbH) presented the “Customer Journey: How to connect devices to the SMGW”.

In total, we proudly counted 88 participants from various companies, including most of our members, who have joined and actively participated in our Plugfest.

Announcement: The next EEBUS Plugfest will take place in autumn 2022 at our Living Lab Cologne. We are inviting all companies interested in testing the EEBUS communication to get in touch with us.

For interviews or any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Annike Abromeit
Communication & Association Development Management