Registrations now open:
Our upcoming Plugfest Capacity Management
will take place on June 20th-22nd 2022,
at our new Living Lab in Cologne.

What to expect?

  • The plugfest offers to test capacity management’s end-to-end functionality from Distribution System Operator (DSO)/Backend operator, Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW), control box and Energy Management System (EMS) to controllable device manufacturers.

Why capacity management matters now?

  • Current and upcoming binding regulations
    • Legislation passes binding regulations (e.g. EnWG §14a, EEG §9)
    • Standards such as VDE DKE AR 2829-6 have been released, EN or IEC standards are in preparation
  • Transition to volatile energy sources and simultaneous transition in mobility and heating (behind the meter) create need for reactive energy management
  • Currently there are only non-controllable loads in the market  action must be taken now to create an installed base of interoperable controllable loads

Which solutions do EEBUS Use Cases provide?

  • Monitoring: Provision of transparency for DSOs about controllable loads
  • Control: Enabling the management of under- and oversupply scenarios at minimal loss of comfort for the end customer

Who to join?

  • DSOs, gateway administrators, meter operators, active external market participants and SMGW manufacturers as well as manufacturers of Control Boxes, EMS, Electric Vehicles (EV), EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

What to do?

If you have not signed in yet, kindly send an email to

We are looking forward to providing you with further information and welcoming you soon!


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