• Microsoft joines the EEBUS Initiative
  • Microsoft and EEBUS specialist KEO GmbH are working on integration of EEBUS Specifications into Azure Sphere

Cologne, 04.02.19

The world of energy is changing. The transformation to more renewable electrical energy sources is accelerating. As new devices such as electric vehicles (EV) and heat pumps consume electrical energy, households expect their energy needs to be met increasingly by low-carbon volatile sources like wind and photovoltaic energy. The advantages of sustainability and cost efficiency are considerable, but with them come significant challenges. In the future, peak energy demands of buildings and vehicles will need to adapt to the capacity and the limitations of the electrical grid.

This transformation makes energy management one of the most important areas of innovation for networked systems in buildings. Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) are the counterparts for generation plants, the electricity grid and energy-consuming devices in buildings. HEMS will become part of the basic equipment of every building in the future. The EEBUS Initiative is developing a global language for energy to enable cross-manufacturer and cross-industry networking between all energy-relevant devices and systems. Using this open connectivity standard, the electrical heating systems, EV charging stations and household appliances in buildings can match their energy demands to the set points of supply from the grid without any loss of comfort.

To achieve this level of inter-communication with the electrical grid, electrical systems and appliances are increasingly connected. Connectivity enables, not just the interaction with the electrical grid to balance supply and demand, but also opportunities for manufacturers to enhance customer experiences by offering new devices, features and services.

Many devices like heating systems and home appliances are controlled by a Micro Controller Unit (MCU). Until recently, a limiting factor for MCU-based appliances has been the ability to securely connect them to cloud services. Microsoft Azure Sphere is an end-to-end solution for creating highly-secured, connected Microcontroller (MCU) devices. Azure Sphere will help manufacturers deliver new devices, services and solutions while addressing security holistically, from the silicon layer to the cloud.

Microsoft has joined the EEBUS Initiative and is working with KEO GmbH to ensure availability of the EEBUS standard on Azure Sphere devices.

This EEBUS-compatible software from KEO GmbH on Azure Sphere provides a universal and trusted basis for communication between networked energy managers, EV charging stations, heating and ventilation system, battery storage and many other applications to securely deliver the promise of a truly smart grid.

Peter Kellendonk, first chairmen, EEBUS said “Without strong international platforms and secure communication technologies, the digitalization of the energy landscape will not succeed. With Azure Sphere, their international reach and partner-led approach, Microsoft fits perfectly with the EEBUS ecosystem.”

Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director, Microsoft Azure Sphere said: “Energy is a vital resource. As more and more of the energy systems we depend on every day connect to the cloud, it’s essential that they do so in a secured way. Azure Sphere makes it easy for manufactures to innovate and deliver next-generation energy experiences, with the confidence that their products meet the highest standards of security available. We’re looking forward to working in partnership with the EEBUS Initiative to help deliver on the needs of the energy and appliance solutions community.“


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About EEBUS Initiative e.V.
The EEBUS Initiative is a non-profit organisation with over 70 members who are the leading stakeholders in all fields of connected home, electrical mobility, energy and smart appliances. Members of the EEBUS Initiative collaborate in various working groups to establish a standardized and common language for the interoperability of connected devices. Smart heating, electrical vehicles, photovoltaic systems, smart home systems, energy managers and other appliances can thus communicate seamlessly about energy management and usability. To learn more, visit www.eebus.org

Microsoft and EEBUS are showcasing the integration of EEBUS specifications into the Azure Sphere IoT platform at the Microsoft booth in Hall 3, booth 3-336, at the E-World trade show, which is held in Essen from 5 to 7 February 2019. In addition, EEBUS Initiative presents a comprehensive overview of all its use cases and applications in Hall 5, booth 5-507.

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