EEBUS Whitepaper - Exploring EEBUS Solutions (Titel)The increasing demand for electricity from heating and e-mobility sectors affects the grid stability and reliability. The EEBus Initiative has released a new whitepaper on technical solutions for the challenges and opportunities of the electric grid. The paper explains how the EEBUS standard can enable different stakeholders, such as market actors, grid operators or end users, to participate in various control mechanisms that can balance the grid and optimise energy consumption.

The whitepaper provides guidance for device manufacturers on how to choose the best EEBUS solution for their business model and product portfolio. It also explains how EEBUS supports the digital transformation of the energy sector and facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources: EEBUS is the technical framework that connects devices and systems around the grid connection point and enables interoperability, communication and coordination. The EEBUS solutions of this whitepaper address various aspects of grid management, such as grid stability, self-consumption optimisation, dynamic pricing and flexibility markets.

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